Basement Finishing

Looking for some extra useable living space?

We excel in finishing basements and we do alot of them,every project starts with a good plan that works well and covers all your needs using the square footage available. We can create a plan that maximizes your space and unique ideas to make the lower part of your home something desireable to spend time in.

From plan to finish,we take care of everything,such as framing,drywall,flooring,paint,trimwork,plumbing, and working with only licenced electricians. We are at the job from start to finish,organized and efficient,clean up after every workday and try to keep the inconveinience of a renovation to a minimum.

When finishing your basement you may consider a bathroom or kitchen space,we have this covered as well,taking care of mechanicals and locations to installing, cabinets,fixtures,tiling, showers and or tub.

Taking it to the next level *The home bar* We specialize in bars and pay attention to the details such as materials to be used,finishes,bar heights, overhangs,wall builtins etc. Planning for sinks,appliances,lighting,media screens,there are so many details that go into a visually appealing,good working,bar that is comfortable to hang out at. Bars can go from very basic to very extravagant we have fun building them all!        



Porches & Decks



Before & After